•   Big News! The world's most advanced ultra-supercritical furnace gas-fired steam turbine successfully achieves full-load operation (2022-06-06)
      New products online! Full Load Operation of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Experimental Power Station Independently Developed by Dongfang Electric (2021-05-26)
      The reborn DTC hails to the world 13 years after the Sichuan Great Earthquake (2021-05-17)
      Big news: the Signing Ceremony held for 100th Industrial Turbine Unit between DTC and CCEPC in Deyang (2021-05-12)
      Dongfang Turbine Company R&D 350MW supercritical Combined Heat and Power generation unit, best in China and leading in the world (2020-09-17)
      A New Generation of 1000MW High-Efficiency Ultra-Supercritical Air-Cooled Turbine Shows World-Leading Performance (2020-06-17)
      High-efficiency Reaction Steam Turbines Developed by Dongfang Turbine Put into Operation without a Hitch (2020-06-17)
      Embalut 2x100MW Coal-fired Steam Turbines Put into Commercial Operation Successfully in Indonesia (2020-04-15)
      DEC Held Its 6th Science and Technology Innovation Conference (2020-03-03)
      "China Core" Replaces "Imported Core" ---- Dongfang Electric Leads Steam Turbine Flow Path Retrofit in China. (2020-03-03)
      The World Highest Parameter Reheat Turbine Launched in Garbage Power Generation (2019-11-21)
      Endeavour To Be the Leader of Industrial Steam Turbine (2019-11-21)
      Overseas resident anticipated reception of Chinese Consulate-general in Calcutta (2019-11-21)
      DEC Product and Technology Seminar for Vietnam Power Plant was held in Hanoi (2019-11-20)

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