• Eyelash Extensions

    Going for length? Thickness? Both? Lash extensions can create any look you desire. Chose from a wide array of curls and colors. Best of all, they are flexible and soft, giving a natural to glam look that stays on throughout all your adventures. Say goodbye to the morning mascara routine!   Click here to learn more.  

  • Eyebrow Shaping

    Eyebrows are one of the most defining features a person has. They frame the face, convey emotion, and when shaped properly, allow the eyes to appear brighter, and the cheekbones more defined. Speaking in terms of physical features, nothing is more integral in one’s youthful good looks as a great set of eyebrows.   Click here to …

  • Skincare by miko

    Treat your skin to the latest in skin care solutions. Through experience and expert knowledge we have selected the best luxury treatments for antiaging, acne, or hyperpigmentation. Choose from a service that will best fit your skin care needs  Click here to learn more.            

  • miko Lips

    Introducing a revolutionary new beauty product by miko. Our signature miko lip gloss is an exciting new innovation.  It is infused with natural essences. It’s not aromatherapy, it’s mood therapy. Also, one with natural healing hemp oil! 7 infusions available -Love -Serenity -Passion -Happiness -Calm -Courage -miko Jane Hemp oil Click here to learn more.